38 is my age. I was born on 17 April 1982.
20 is the number of the first-league matches that I played in the 2002/2003 season with HKM Zvolen B in the first senior league. I was also active in the German Regionalliga in the Bergisch Raptors club for half of the season and for a short period of time in the Polish second-league club Legia Warsaw.
5 years was the time taken by my study at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports in Bratislava, scope: hockey coach and physical education teacher.
A+ is the highest coaching licence that I own
4 years of coaching is my experience. I coached five to six-year-old children at a private school in Bratislava, then younger pupils at EHC Munich, Germany and in ESV Halle. And for another year I coached adult amateurs in Lamač, Bratislava
1 I own a certificate of a first class fitness coach issued by the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports
1 year is the time that I worked as a sports editor with ECHO – newspaper distributed all over Slovakia